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Carlisle Wildcat Booster Club

About US

Our mission

The Carlisle Wildcat Athletic Booster Club is an all-volunteer group of parents and community members working together to raise money and coordinate support for the athletic programs of the Carlisle Middle School and Carlisle High School.  We raise money through memberships, concession stands and special events.  Funds are appropriated to support the needs of participants and coaches in our athletic programs.

The Booster Club meets at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Carlisle High School C3 room.

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Where does the money go?

All funds go directly to the athletic programs at Carlisle Middle School and Carlisle High School.  We help fund equipment needs for the programs as well as help maintain a regular replacement cycle for team uniforms.  Coaches and administration request funds through an application process to the Booster Club board and can use funds from the sport's funds and/or the Booster Club General Fund.  Typically purchases are jointly funded by the Booster Club and the school district.



Executive Board

Position  Name 
 President  Casey Goodhue
 Vice-President  James Hamm
 Treasurer  Janie Norton
 Secretary  Allison Hoversten
 Membership  Katie Schnoor
 Concessions  Krystal Maher
 Fundraising Coordinator  Tim Osterhaus
 At-Large  Todd Fatino
 At-Large  Jill Roling
 At-Large  Jenny Truitt
 At-Large  Jason Deal
 At-Large Kasey Hoffmann

Carlisle Wildcat Booster Club

Address: PO Box 62, Carlisle, IA 50047


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